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Nimlac Roofing Paint

Usage : An Exterior or Interior emulsion paint to accommodate the movement of hairline cracks. When it is being used to paint asbestos or concrete roof, its excellent elongation property allows accommodating the expansion and contraction of surface.
Colour(s) : Tile Red, Green, Red, Olive, Blue
Features : Excellent algae and fungus resistance, Excellent durability for different weather, sunray & UV
Coverage : Up to 190 sq.ft. per liter. (This may vary depending on the type of surface.)
Pack Sizes : 1L, 4L, 10L, 20L

Product Description

Nimlac Roofing Paint is an acrylic high performance water based roof coating. Its outstanding exterior durability and resilience properties give protection and bright appearance to roofs of asbestos, cement or tile.

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