Floor Paint

Nimlac Floor Paint

Usage : On Properly prepared horizontal masonry, wood & metal surfaces.
Colour(s) : Green, Black, Red, Brown & Grey
Features : Good Abrasion & Scrub Resistance, Quick Drying, Excellent wash-ability, High opacity.
Coverage : 10 – 11 m2/l (110 – 120 ft2/l)
Pack Sizes : 200 ML, 500 ML,1 LTR,4 LTR

Product Description

Nimlac Floor Paint is a one component quick drying floor paint designed for household use. Ideal for use on concrete, stone, brick and wood.


To get the best results, ensure surfaces to be painted are sound, clean, dry (new surfaces particularly must be fully dry), and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax.


Ensure that the substrate is clear of any dust, oil, grease and other contaminants before applying the paint. Dilute the paint to the required viscosity, depending on the type of application method employed.

Drying Times : 2 1/2 hours (Touch dry) 16 hours (Hard dry)


Avoid contact with skin and eyes . In case of contact with eyes , rinse with running water and seek medical advice .Clean brushes etc , with Nimlac Mineral Turpentine after use. Ensure good ventilation during application for quick drying
Keep containers tightly closed after use and away from food & children .

Do not dispose left over paint and empty containers in to water course .


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